Welcome to Vibro Dynamics

VibroDynamics Inc. is a registered professional engineering consulting company that resolves highly- complex machine dynamics and structural vibration problems and provides high precision 3D industrial measurements.

Often serious vibration problems with plant equipment exist for a long period of time because the root cause has not been diagnosed correctly. This results in significant and costly machine and plant down time as well as concerns for personal safety. VibroDynamics Inc. uses comprehensive field measurements in combination with analytical rotordynamics and structural modal analysis to precisely determine the root cause of the vibration problem and engineer an effective solution the first time.

VibroDynamics owns and maintains a large array of state-of-the-art instrumentation and computerized data acquisition systems, diagnostic and proprietary technologies and software, state-of-the-art rotodynamics and structural modal analysis modelling software to handle all machinery, piping and structural dynamics vibration problems. We have a comprehensive array of sophisticated instrumentation for the measurement of a wide range of physical parameters. The main industry sectors that we serve are nuclear and conventional power plants, petrochemical, gas transmission, pulp and paper, mining, chemical food manufacturing, marine applications, cement, municipal water systems, and steel plants.