Vibration Training
VibroDynamics Inc. provides training for decision makers who are interested in learning how to correctly diagnose the root causes of plant equipment vibration problems as well as to correctly and efficiently resolve the problem. The vibration courses are designed to provide indepth machine and structural dynamics concepts which are required to fully understand the dynamic characteristics of rotating and reciprocating machinery, piping and structures before a vibration problem can be properly investigated. The vibration courses are provided by Mr. Frank Perricone, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. who has over 38 years of experience providing engineering consulting services in the resolution of complex vibration problems in the machine and structural dynamics and piping dynamics field.
The following is a partial list of topics that are covered in the vibration training:
1. Machinery Vibration Fundamentals
2. Vibration, torsional, displacement and pressure transducers – theory of operation, calibration and limitations of each transducer system
3. Basic and advanced rotordynamics and the API specifications
4. Hydrodynamics fluid film bearing technology
5. Rotordynamics case histories
6. Machine train torsional analyses and modeling
7. Structural Dynamics – 2 channel structural property measurements
8. Modal Analyses
9. Piping pulsation and vibration
10. Vortex shedding and flow induced vibration problems
11. Theory of balancing
12. Vibration health monitoring
13. Cold and Hot alignment of real machine systems
Training can be at our facility or yours. Contact us for information.